Debra Laizure

Marketing & PR pro, editorial and blog writer, kayaker, coffee and chocolate addict, #LoyalAndTrue OSU grad, travel enthusiast, devoted to her incredible and fabulous family, and lover of all things Maine.

QR Codes

Google makes it easy to get a QR Code. Any URL you create can be shortened and given a QR Code. QR stands for Quick Response, it looks like the image to the left, square, 3 distinct corners and crazy black and white pixel-art in between. QR Codes became popular in Japan after Toyota developed …

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Going Short

I love this blog. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed myself today, and this was just what I needed to prioritize. I hope it helps you, too. – Debra Steve Scanlon / Rewire There is a time for thinking through and writing down a long-term vision for your life and for your business. Without such …

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