Copper Bella Wins Grand Prize at New Product Fair

Copper Bella Wins Grand Prize at the Wes Watkins New Product Fair

December 12, 2009 – Copper Bella, LLC has won 1st place in the Small Business Division and 1st place Overall Grand Prize Winner in the New Product and Process Fair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Founded over 20 years ago, the New Product and Process Fair has been challenging the creativity of inventors of all ages. Fair founder and former Congressman Wes Watkins says the annual event is designed to inspire people to envision new products and processes which are the seeds of economic prosperity. Categories included Elementary Student Division, Secondary Student Division, Adult/Collegiate Student Division, Open Class Division and Small Business Division. Winners received a cash award, certificate and trophy.

Copper Bella, LLC won the New Product and Process Fair with their copper plated thermoplastic architectural building products.  On display were a 36″ copper plated finial and ball-shaped fence post topper. Future products include a line of several finial designs, fence post toppers, cupolas, attic roof vents and guttering accessories such as leader heads and decorative gutter straps. For more information about Copper Bella, LLC and their products, please call (918) 245-1140 or visit

Dan Edwards and Teri Ward

Dan Edwards and Teri Ward

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge” –  Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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Although there are reputable manufacturer reps and sales companies for new inventions, please be wary about late-night, TV commercial type “marketing” companies that promise to sell your product for you.  They are only interested in a “piece of the action”.  We are only interested in your success.

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