New Year, New Home

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New Year, New Home: Resolve to Sell Before Spring

Article Debra Laizure

The holidays are over and the decorations are neatly packed away for another year. It’s time to write out New Year’s resolutions and plan for the year ahead.

Midtown_Craftsman_FormalWhat’s on your to-do list for 2016?

For many, it’s making the decision to buy or sell a house. If selling, the to-do list gets long pretty fast. Make repairs, clean windows, choose a Realtor®, and then wait to list your home at the opportune time—in April or May, right? Not necessarily.

“It’s always a good time to buy or sell a house,” says Brian Frere of Keller Williams Realty.

Frere says there isn’t a reason to wait until spring. In fact, January and February holds an advantage over the typical spring selling season, especially if you need to sell your home. There is less inventory and buyers are serious about buying a house offering at or near full listing price.

“Buyers that are looking in January and February aren’t buying for fun. They are buying now and they don’t have much to choose from so they are going to buy whatever fits their needs,” he says.

First Things First

SouthTulsaBut before tackling your to-do list, Frere suggests bringing in a Realtor® to develop a plan of action. A professional Realtor® will analyze each person’s individual situation and make suggestions for improvement to sell the house as fast as possible.

He says, “I’ve seen clients make repairs or improvements that they think they need to make, or because their friends or family have told them to do, when we may tell them to do something that is more important to get them more money and sell their home faster.”

The company provides staging consultants for every listing. Staging is imperative, but the level of staging is different for every house. For instance, some homes need a simple de-cluttering and advice on furniture arrangement while others benefit from moving out completely and staging with different furniture altogether.

The Internet is another useful tool to sell a home. Unfortunately, many think it’s replacing Realtors® and the services they provide.

SouthTulsa_Outdoor_FireFrere says, “We are embracing the vast amount of technology to sell our houses. Websites like and are great for folks to search for homes in their area, but you still really need the expertise of a professional to stand out in the sea of Internet sites to attract a serious buyer.”

From a buyer’s perspective, it’s fun to do some online dreaming, but it is not wise to make an actual buying decision based on the information that may, or may not, be correct on Zillow or other real estate websites. Buying a home is probably the largest financial decision a person can make in their life and they need an expert in their corner to help guide them through the process.

Hire an Expert

Frere explains that home buyers are encouraged to visit the Keller Williams office and spend 15-20 minutes learning about the home buying process. The process changes often, so if it has been more than three or four years since someone has purchased a home, it’s beneficial to take the additional time to learn what has changed.

“The process is a whole lot different than it was just a few years before. We want to educate our buyers as to what the process looks like in today’s market,” he says. “Pre-qualification is one of those things that we discuss during the pre-buying consultation. You need to know what price range you can afford before you start looking. Too many buyers fall in love with a house they cannot afford and then it’s hard to find a house in their price range that meets the same excitement level.”

Hot, or Not

So, are the suburbs like Jenks, Bixby, and Owasso still the hot places to buy?

SouthTulsa_OutdoorLiving“Well, not necessarily,” says Frere. “Instead of looking at the traditional ‘city vs. suburbs’, we are seeing different age groups defining different hot areas.”

He says that downtown and midtown are fantastic for younger buyers that don’t have kids. School districts become important at a certain season in everyone’s life and then the seasons change again when we get older and downsizing to a single level ranch makes the most sense.

The good news is Tulsa is a balanced market rather than a buyer’s market or seller’s market. But that can change from day to day.

He says, “The market is very micro-economic. If we say Tulsa is a balanced market, there will be sectors within the market that are a buyer’s market or a seller’s market.”

Ready to Get Started?

The professionals at the Brian Frere Home Team are truly a selling team. Rather than having a certain Realtor® specializing in a niche area, all the agents are required to stay on top of the market at every price range so they know what the inventory is, which areas should be worked, and how quickly the homes are selling in the different areas.

Midtown_Craftsman_FoyerAdditionally, the Home Team has alliances with mortgage lenders and other companies they know and trust to make the buying process smooth and stress free.

“I am a huge believer of using local service companies for a couple different reasons. First, I like to keep money in the community. Secondly, it may be hard to reach an out-of-state lender or closing company if we have a last minute question. We need to be able to talk to somebody face-to-face to resolve the issue, shake their hand, and complete the loan closing.”

The Home Team

Frere has been a sales associate for Keller Williams for 12 years and has been consistently recognized as Oklahoma’s Top Keller Williams Realty Agent. When asked if he would ever start his own brokerage firm he laughs and proudly states that the Keller Williams model and strength of 125,000 agents worldwide is far more than any local boutique or independent operation could ever try to match.

Selling homes and helping people attain their home buying dreams is Frere’s passion. Even as a small child Frere loved real estate, but chose another career path as a certified public account, even working his way up to Chief Financial Officer of a gas company. He enjoyed great success in a respectable profession but didn’t enjoy going to work every day.

He says, “Now when I wake up every morning, I know what I do is helping families and helping people get to the next step in life, and I love that so much more.”

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