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Copper Bella Roof Finials: Combining Strength and Beauty

Article Debra Laizure

Copper Bella roofing finial

At $199, the Copper Bella 36″ Old Chicago finial on the left is less expensive, more attractive, has no ugly weld marks, weighs less for shipping, and is more durable than its sheet metal counterpart on the right.

Elegant copper architectural accents are within your reach. Copper Bella brings metal plated industrial grade plastic to the construction industry. Copper Bella architectural accents weather like copper sheet products creating a rich, beautiful patina. For a fraction of the cost of expensive copper sheet, builders and roofing contractors can offer your customers a smart alternative.

What is it made of?
A highly weatherable, extremely durable Engineering Thermoplastic.

Will the copper chip or peel?
No. The electroplating process used to apply the copper creates an extremely strong bond between the materials.

Will it crack or dent?
No. This is the same type of plastic material used in automotive bumpers. It is extremely tough and resilient. Hail will not dent it.

Will it change colors over time?
The copper is 99.9% alloy free, a perfect match to architectural copper sheet products. This allows for a perfect match when combining our products with sheet copper products. You can expect Copper Bella products to patina at the same rate to a beautiful bronze, or verdigris, depending on the atmosphere where it is installed.


The molded bronze finial is a best seller at $162.

How much does it cost?

The 36″ Old Chicago copper finial is $199.

The 36″ molded bronze finial is $162 and is their best seller. The bronze finial is a paintable product made from a tough, weatherable engineering resin to resist dents from hail or other impacts.

For an upscale look, Copper Bella can chemically accelerate a verdigris finish on the copper finial for a total cost of $215. The finish varies with each application so the coloration will vary from hues of green to blue with lovely highlights of salmon, dark bronze and deep ambers.

All products have a limited 5-year warranty, hardware, and installation instructions.

Why is it so much less expensive than sheet metal products?
Inventor and owner Teri Ward simply applied the technology of today to a very old craft. It has allowed the company to offer beautiful products that every homeowner can afford.


Copper Bella can chemically accelerate the copper finial for an Old World verdigris finish.

What other colors are available?
Copper Bella gladly offers color matching to corporations that would like to add the products as accessories to their existing lines. For example, guttering and fencing.

What’s New?
Stay tuned for Copper Bella’s new molded special effects finishes of aged copper and verdigris now being developed which will offer a lower cost than the current products.

For more information, contact Teri Ward:

Copper Bella, LLC
P.O. Box 1419
Sand Springs, OKĀ  74063

(918) 245-1120 phone

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